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The Backstory

AwedPod was our pandemic strategy. Though both Steve and I grew up camping, I opted out when he began backpacking with our daughters. As a fan of rented beach houses, mountain cabins and trips to faraway places, it never occurred to either of us that we'd be hitching our new vacation home to a truck, driving in the slow lane, and having a blast in the same campgrounds we visited as kids. But the pandemic showed up, along with retirement, and a tiny trailer seemed like the perfect answer for us. In fact, it may be my best idea ever.

Our 2021 Rpod 171 was  delivered in January and once we learned how it actually works, we spent 150+ nights on the road, all in the Western US. We're fans of the state and national parks, though we've had more than a few nights in RV resorts (resort being a generous term).

In our past life, Steve and I owned a graphic design firm, Tackett-Barbaria Design, and now we're spending our time making our own art. I write, he paints, and we're figuring out how to use this chapter to be in nature, enjoy each other, and live a creative life.

We're based in Davis, California and our two daughters are in Portland, Oregon. Chances are we're on the road in between, just waiting to flash you a peace sign. as we do.

The Wayback Backstory

I've been blogging since 2008, at Tour of No Regrets 1.0. I've had a few sidegigs, like Coffee Served Daily, where I collected 1000 photos of coffee, and This is Plan Be, where I gave away thousands of Be Kind stickers. Today I favor Instagram and Words with Friends, and hanging around the campfire, with a cocktail, of course. Writing is how I pay attention to the small moments, collecting enough words for a story or two. Thank you for visiting.


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