1. Good for you Kim! I am not American but am appalled by what’s going on. Yes, it’s a polarizing topic and yes, I am all for civil liberties and the right to be free. And proud of it! I think this Administration is all about restricting your freedom. “Alternative news” is propaganda. To be considered a “true” American, you need to be a certain race or practice a specific religion. Scary times. But I think that all the home-grown groups that are resisting (just like you are), provide hope that they will not be able to carte blanche implement their agenda.

  2. This sentence struck me and I’m so glad you wrote it. The phrase “resistance to the patriarchy” hasn’t been in my vocabulary. But that photo, on day one, of him signing the global gag rule (or the Mexico City Policy), surrounded by middle aged, (presumably) rich white men, it made me sick.
    Me too. Where are the people who represent the FUTURE OF THE USA. He has always wanted to MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN. No, No and NO. Great post.

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