1. Boy howdy, Mother Nature is annoyed!

    Great post. I lived in Napa for 7 years and I’m watching my friends scramble right now too. I hate it. It did get me thinking about what I would take.

    I have so many photos. More than I even imagined. Writing my blog has been wonderful in that I’ve been able to pull old photos, journals, newspaper clippings, to help me remember. I would hate to lose those precious things.

    I’m thinking about digitizing all of them.

  2. I’m on the east coast where, right now, you west coasters may envy our floods, hurricanes, 24″ snow storms. But those events also trigger the “what would I take” list-maker–in my head. not on paper. I’m with the rest of you: the laptop [holds my life’s work], photos before the digital era, kid memorabilia and keepsake jewelry. and on yes. lest we forget. a few changes of underwear and clothes. you never know how long you’re going to be out there.
    thanks for posting. it’s an issue we all need to think about.

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