1. I agree — as hard as it is — we have to find the opportunity amongst the craziness. And we have to remember there are down ballot candidates and two OTHER BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT that are all part of the equation. We can’t abdicate our responsibilities to use our voices.

  2. In a way, it is like our country has pus-filled boils (sorry for the analogy) that have needed to be lanced for years and suddenly, they are being popped one by one – neo nazism, rape culture, people being killed for the crime of driving. Will we treat the boils, or just allow them to regrow worse than ever? We all MUST vote, and encourage all citizens to vote-this year, more than ever.

  3. Thank you for your thoughtful post. The right to vote should never be taken for granted and this is an opportunity for women’s voices to be heard! Being complacent and choosing not to vote is actually making a choice. Take a more active approach –I agree, we MUST vote this year, more than ever!

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