this is plan be


It showed up in my notebook as an idea and an URL, This is Plan Be. I imagined it as a place to explore the concepts I felt were important: kindness, curiosity, mindfulness and action. I made a website, focused on kindness, and funny thing…kindness stuck.

IMG_1013It’s become a place with art and photos, and writing that might surprise you… from Kurt Vonnegut, David Sedaris, Stephen King and others. Plus stickers…it’s mostly about the stickers. Steve designed awesome Be Kind stickers and we’ve been giving them away in packs of three. Over the past months, 700 stickers to kind folks in 23 states and 4 countries. It’s been great fun to make a small corner of the world just a little kinder. You should try it (stickers here).



Plus, there’s stuff. Like coffee mugs, t shirts and tote bags. Of course, there are coffee mugs. Because everyone knows there is no scheme without coffee.







So come visit. Look around. Sign up for some stickers. Send me a picture. It’s all good.