1. Kim, you have no idea how lucky you are to have someone to tell you the stories behind the stuff. Right now I’m going through my mother’s entire house of stuff and it’s like a gigantic puzzle or mystery or archaeological dig. Things are in disarray but occasionally I find odds and ends that connect as I dig… the letter from my grandmother to her 4 sons on what she wanted each of them to inherit matches up with the Hudson Bay blanket and a horse sculpture. They’ve been part of my parent’s home my entire life but I had no idea where they had come from. Notes about my parent’s first anniversary in their wedding book that explain the green enamel salt-and-pepper shakers that have been on their dining table for something like 65 years. But there’s so much more stuff without a story. And many many many photos of strangers. I’m sure they’re family members but there’s no one left to identify them. I hope you are writing all the stories down and adding names on the backs of portraits. I’m sure you are… You always find the best words for everything!

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