1. Karen

    Kim, I am so with you (and her and her, her, him and everyone together yesterday)! It was what we all needed. There were so many surprises…as you wrote: the numbers, the age range, the diversity, the CREATIVITY of the signs. Wasn’t it sheer delight to keep finding, one after another, each alternately clever, beautiful, poignant, hilarious.

    I feel energized in a way I couldn’t have predicted. Seeing our brothers and sisters nationwide and world wide, marching the same steps and with the same will and intention. Now I know we CAN do something. I’ve wondered just what for a while but I’m leaning toward adding my labor and voice to help the Democratic Party strengthen as it gets reborn.

    See you soon.

  2. I was so very despond it on Friday. It’s a dramatic word but it’s not an overstatement. And, as much as I’m up obsessed with making sure that we all get back to work to today keep the momentum going, Saturday changed my perspective entirely <3

  3. I was also heartened by the crowds’ diversity. From kids to the elderly, men and women and many types of dogs, joined in a general feeling of “this is the last straw.” I love you sign pictures!

  4. Isn’t it incredible how people of all ages, sexes, races, came together with so much power. I loved seeing all the young people because they are our future and I was afraid they didn’t understand the magnitude of it all. I am so glad to be wrong.

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