1. This may be my favorite post of the MANY posts of yours that I love. Your post was especially timely for me today. Hey, I thought I was Captain of Team MIH. You hit a home run here, a grand slam! I love your mind.

  2. Nancy, thank so much…and yup, you were pretty much a MIH leader! It’s a big club and we seem to be attracted to each other. It’s tricky though. Right now I am in a “I gotta do everything” mode, and it’s hard to dial it back. Working on it!

  3. What an awesome blog. I have always been torn between these two. Thinking I was in the MIH when my faith tells me MTB. Finding the balance between the two creates our peace. If we don’t take a step away from the MIH we lose site of a lot of beautiful things/places/people this world has to offer us. Thanks again for the incredible blog.

    • Carol, thanks so much for your note. I wasn’t in conflict at all thinking everyone would be a MIH if they could. But when I really started thinking about it, I realized the importance of both. BTW, this piece took about 20 rewrites as my journey progressed! Thanks for reading, and I hope you’ll stick around for more.

  4. Dorothy Yuki

    I love this Kim. While reading, I interjected myself in it. I was trying to figure out who I was. Hummmm, MIH or MTB, I bounce back and forth. It is all about taking responsibility with me and a lot to do with my perception of what others will think too.
    Oh, I wish it was as easy as MTB. Or, is MTB a part of what happens because of MIH personality? Whoa, it is getting too deep!

  5. Love this post and love seeing the changes in you since I first met you. Change is how life works. It’s a continual process. It’s how you approach it that can make things interesting.

    I like Laura’s team. It’s got a lot to offer and I’m enjoying being there.

  6. Wonderful post and welcome to the Women of Midlife! I think maybe I’m in the “Meant to Make it Happen Club” I have to do things my way but I believe that some higher power that guides in the way to get it done. I feel things happen for a reason and how you deal with it makes you or breaks you.

    • Rena, I suspect a lot of bloggers are in the Meant to Make it Happen club…which is why we’re showing up in the first place. The other day someone told me “she always wanted to do x, but never had the opportunity.” It made me think about the difference in making opportunities, and expecting them to just happen. I like a little of both…being ready when they do show up, and giving them a little extra nudge if needed! Thanks for reading!

  7. I think it’s a continuum and we all fall somewhere along it, in different places at different stages of life. It’s all part of the plan and I do believe in a plan, but I also believe in free will. Life’s about the learning, however we do it.

  8. I vacillate between the two teams. I do firmly believe there is a higher power helping out now and again, but most often in just providing options and opportunities we need to make the most of. Or say “phoeey” on as it’s not for me.

    A thoughtful post! So wonderful to meet you. I will be back for more.

    Cheers to midlife!

    • Thanks Lisa. Funny thing, when I started writing, I was so sure of my position. And through the process (and the 21+ revisions) I came to see the value in both…I guess that’s why we write.

  9. Sometimes a post begs you to comment.

    I would love to believe in a higher power. But I believe that the true mystery of life is the end when zoom–you know if there is or know that there isn’t. And can’t share it with anybody!

    I must believe in Karma just because. But a part of me doesn’t.

    I can’t help but believe that the Karma I want so much to believe in, the higher power, the everything elses are almost or are excuses for not having to be accountable.

    Blind Faith will always be a great rock group to me—but great rock music is one of my reasons for living so…

    The older I get the more I understand that life is about fun–in the purest senses of being with people you love, seeing the perfect sunset, watching a wave–and doing this all with a bottle of red wine never hurt anybody (well yes many people but….)

    I think everyone worth knowing is conflicted about these things.

    • Pia, thanks for the comment. You know, I continue to bounce from team to team, which is a little confusing for all involved. Especially when I am running in the wrong direction.

  10. There seems to be a line in your writing, a pivot point where I know I am hooked to the end and I prepare myself to think, ponder, and wonder. In this piece it was this: “A funny thing happened on my way to judging and dismissing Team Meant to Be.” Ha, reel me in! As always, a thought provoking exploration that challenged my assumptions and made me feel. Well done, well done, well said!
    Ruth Curran recently posted…Game of the Week: Find the Difference Here to ThereMy Profile

    • Ruth, thank you! You know, since I wrote this piece, I have found myself inching even closer to Team Meant to Be…though I do inch back to my original team!

  11. I am a member of team IT’S TIME FOR COFFEE!

    That’s how I approach (or avoid) all obstacles and achieve (or fail to achieve) my goals.

    It’s also what motivates me to get up in the morning.

    And having enjoyed your thought-provoking post, I’m going down to the kitchen to pour myself another cup.

  12. Hi Kim! This is a GREAT post and I’m not surprised that it was “significant” to you. Your “team” sounds like a great one because as you say, most of our experiences of awe were completely unexpected and unplanned. What I try to do for me is to live in the paradox of the two sides. One of my favorite Buddha sayings goes something like, “Act as if the future of the world depended upon your actions while at the same time, laughing at yourself for thinking that you could ever make a difference.” Get that? When I stay in that space then it all unfolds just the way it is supposed to. Thanks for these provocative thoughts! ~Kathy
    Kathy @ SMART Living 365.com recently posted…Do You Like To Play The Game or Just In It For The Trophy?My Profile

    • Kathy, I totally get that. It’s always been easier for me to navigate my big issues when I realize that I really don’t matter…that I am just a speck of dust. And I mean that in a good way.

  13. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Fascinating post, Kim. I’ve never really thought of this, but if I’m being honest I’d have to say I’m definitely a MIH team member but I see the value in striving for more of a balance.

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