thankful for trees and other living things

Steve and I left the studio early today. He took a bike ride and I took a walk, and someone else was cleaning our house (for which I am thankful). We did the Thanksgiving dinner prep and drank a bottle of wine. Alex is on an all night train from Oregon and we’ll see her in the morning. We haven’t had Kate home in years…ever since she went to college in Canada. My brother and his wife are with my parents and we’ll be with Steve’s.

Everything is the same, and everything is different. Tonight Steve texted his cousin Kathy for stuffing instruction. She always makes the stuffing in Pa’s pan. This year Steve is adding his Steven spin to it.  Earlier in the evening I sent Kath a message, remembering her mom, Louise, and Aunt Pat, preparing for Thanksgiving at the cabin in Squaw Valley. That was then, but times have changed.

Thankful for memories and family and future. Nature and light. Changes, especially the kind that give us a chance to breathe and remember to be thankful. For what we had, what we have, and for what’s around the bend.

The trees seem a little more vibrant this year, don’t you think?

Thankful for trees, and every living thing today. Amen.

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