thankful for the golden hour

Thanksgiving morning we drove 1-80 from Davis to Steve’s folks house in Redwood City. Outside of Dixon, from the freeway, I spied the most amazing row of trees, standing guard over the farmland, reddish, with a glowing crown of sunshine. On Friday I convinced Steve to come with me at golden hour, so I could get a closer look and photograph them.

We found them easily, and it turned out, they were nothing special. They weren’t straight, but they weren’t bent in a way that was interesting. They were brown, not red, and they certainly weren’t glowing. We wandered around the back roads, and the most interesting thing I saw was a canal, with the word “canal” stenciled on it.

Finally, he suggested we visit Stevenson Bridge before we lost the sun. He rides over it almost every week and noticed new spray paint on it.  He said, “I think it will surprise you again, you’ll like it.” He was right, as he (almost) always is.

IMG_4788IMG_4787IMG_4792 IMG_4795IMG_4801IMG_4818IMG_4825On


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