1. Yesssssss.
    As horrifying as the past few months have been there are tremendous silverlinings as well. You’re right.
    It has united Republicans and Democrats, Jews and Muslims, all against a common…cause.

  2. Excellent, Kim! After I read the title of this I tried to think of some positive things on my own. Hard slogging. Then, I went ahead and read your post. Brilliant!

  3. My experience is different, being a member of one of the minorities having constant hatred being shown at certain rallies. This campaign has divided us and made hatred and fear long hidden bubble up. I am truly concerned that this will continue past November 8 and that we may also be experiencing another 4 years of gridlock.

    • Kim

      Alana, I do recognize that your experience is different, and much harder. I am concerned for my nephew, who was born in Nigeria, and lives in a very white community. For my friends who are Jewish, and now afraid. For my friends who are undocumented workers and their families. And of course, for anyone of the Muslim faith. But I am hoping that by exposing the hatred in our country, we can begin to address it and heal it. As I said in the piece, I mistakenly believed Barack Obama’s election meant the end of racism, and we know now that wasn’t true. Here’s to hoping we can survive and thrive, with whatever happens on Nov 8.

    • Kim

      Yes, there’s a longer list of what not to love. And I agree with the stress….I will be so glad to be done with this, and then be prepared for whatever the next battle will be.

  4. I love that you leave us with your mom. Thank you. because now I will think about you and your mom during the inauguration of Hillary Clinton and I bet I too will cry.

  5. Megyn Kelly is another bright moment. I’ve never been able to watch Fox News without squirming, but she has earned my respect and admiration. Wonderful post! Absolutely love your fair assessment. Life will go on, no matter what, and our neighbors will still be our neighbors.

  6. What a wonderful positive post. It’s been exhausting and cleansing to say the least. Exhausting because it never seems to end and cleansing because I rid myself of bad vibes streaming in my Facebook feed. I’ve whittled down my tribe and that’s a good thing. Now, if I can get my son on the right path, but he’s in the military and getting pressure to go the opposite direction.

  7. Kim

    Rebecca, thanks for taking the time to comment. And good luck with your son. No matter how he votes, he gets my gratitude for serving.

  8. I really really loved this post. You’re right, I guess some good has come out of this election. But I too worry about the floodgates of hatred that have been opened. It’s hard to say how much was always there and how much was initiated by this Tsunami of lies and racism. I’ll be in Ohio this weekend, fighting the good fight. Thanks for your post!

  9. Kim

    Lauren, thanks for your note. I am afraid for the same reasons, but my hope is that as this is exposed, we can now address it and heal…that’s my hope…

  10. Karen

    Here is a surprise I’m hopeful about, followed by an unforeseen possibility :

    The Surprise: I just heard that Glenn Beck (formerly of Fox News) has ‘become a changed man because of Barack Obama’ and is now a Hillary supporter. Maybe this means some of his fans are noticing and opening to another way of looking at the world. Maybe it means they will vote for a Democrat for the first time ever.

    The Unforeseen Possibility: with so many Republicans making the ‘forced choice’ to vote for Hillary, maybe, just maybe, conditions are being fostered for more ‘across the aisle’ conversations among Americans in general, and among our elected representatives.

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