1. Happy Birthday my friend! Enjoy this 60th year like no other. You are an amazing human, mom, wife & friend and I am so happy you are a special one to me. Enjoy your day and year. Love, Suzanne

  2. Congrats on this milestone birthday!
    FYI, leading up to day I turned 60, I started a year-long blog: Zero to Sixty in One Year. Had a blast doing it. Enjoy the celebration!!

  3. Happy Sixtieth! Love, love, love your line:
    “This year I will simply show up and imagine that what I write matters.” Because what we write is how we see ourselves everyday! And yes, we DO MATTER!

  4. Karen Andrus

    Happy Birthday, Kim!

    Sixty is, both emphatically and gently, something, right? My 60th was August 8, so I asked that week’s facilitator in our writers group to include as one of the prompts: ‘turning 60.’ Now that I think of it (and since my attention is suddenly there) those responses would make a tidy little book.

    Your writing has always mattered, and at 60, it matters even more! The way you’ve chosen to celebrate sounds pleasing in every way. Enjoy yourself in the coolness of the Northwest.


  5. Hi Kim! Happy, happy birthday and welcome to 60. I passed through it a couple of years ago and it did make me pause a bit more than I expected. Still, on the other side of it, I’m even happier than I imagined and suspect you will be too. I LOVE your intention for the year and as you said, what more could you need? ~Kathy

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