1. “What if we shifted that language, and framed this moment as part of the path to change, rather than the need to create something different?” I love this.

  2. I am in the midst of a conscious mid-life transformation, and was ready to dislike this essay’s dismissal of reinvention — but I kept reading, you hooked me. Because you’re right: the seeds of the way I want to live my life now, express my Self now, have been there all the time. Thanks for the lovely dose of new perspective!

  3. Carol

    This is awesome! Having gone to a few Tony Robbins (love his energy) seminars he says just make a 2mm shift. No master how small or large the shift might be it opens up a world of opportunity. Thanks, Kim!

  4. I think.you nailed it when you described your friend Linda. Here’s what I heard: Show up, claim it, and wear it — whatever it hapoens to be in that moment.

  5. Kim, I would introduce you as a writer and a photographer- my creative friend who does so many things! YES believe it and say it. You are talented. ( I am waiting for a column or a book from you)
    After 30 plus years as a freelance photographer (as you know) my business seemed to abruptly end in 2008. (digital world and iphone etc put a lot of film photographers out of work) A lot earlier than I had expected. A non planned retirement for me. It was very hard. My identity was/sort of still is wrapped around being a photographer. But I took a chance and went back to my roots of making things and somehow created a second career teaching creative re-use art. I make about 75% less money but have about that much less stress too. Sometimes I can’t believe I get paid to teach crafts! I NEVER considered myself an artist and one day a mom artist friend at our elementary school said “You are an artist Monica” I said “No I am not. I make a living as a photographer” I didn’t believe I was an artist because my photography was for pay and it was corporate and editorial work not fine art work. She still considered me and called me an artist. I thanked her for saying that. I am still trying to believe it completely and my friend told me that 17 years ago! So I understand Kim.

  6. Beautifully expressed as usual, my friend. I can so relate to this as I head into another big opportunity to show up for change and reflect back on how I got here to just this place at just this moment to do just this thing. From one writer to another, I love that you’re doing this!

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