1. When my doctor hinted at bifocals, I threw such a fit that he adjusted my contacts. We have been doing this for 5 years now and it’s still working. Going to fight it until it’s impossible for him to fix it any other way.
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  2. LMAO! I am still able to have utilize mono vision – one contact for close and one for far away – I can fake how old I am for a little longer… My husband refuses to use his cheaters. I sent him a text with 2″thumbs up” icons and he said “why are you sending me ducks?” I told him to put on his glasses! Wonderful post!
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  3. I can so relate. I’ve had a very hard time adjusting to progressives and am hoping my new glasses, which can’t come soon enough are easier to adjust to than my current pair is. Now to readjust to contact lenses and reading glasses over them for up close, like paying for that $4 or is it $40 item and being able to actually see what I’m eating when I choose not to wear the progressive glasses!
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  4. The Progressives are the least of it. Did you read Joyce Wadler’s New York Times column, “I Was Misinformed,” on her aging out of bare-arm dresses? And then there are the ugly little spots on hands and arms that need to be shaded a lighter tone. I have been trying NOT to go gently into that dark-ages night but there’s something to be said about going about it gracefully, otherwise it can eat up too much energy..
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  5. Ha! I can so relate to your purchasing something that cost way more than you expected, out of embarrassment. I did that just last week!

    When I first got progressives, my dad advised me to always point my nose where I wanted to look. It works pretty well!

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