paddle fourth (and why we wear life vests)

We took a four-day weekend to celebrate July 4th, because it made more sense than a 3-dayer (of course it does). We headed to Point Reyes and stayed on Tomales Bay for an adventure of cheese eating, wine drinking, kayaking, kayak capsizing, reading, drawing, writing, lighthouse climbing and viewing, ukulele playing, and bicycling.

Our main event was renting a kayak for 36 hours. What we didn’t count on was a leaky boat that became heavier and more unbalanced as we (coincidentally) paddled further from home. Our three-hour trip turned into six+ hours as we moved into our default problem solving positions…I was certain I was doing something wrong, Steve was upset he couldn’t fix it…as we got more and more frustrated (we were closer to freaking out, truth be told). Finally, we capsized, 100 yards from shore. Thankful for life vests, the dry sack (that held my new iPhone) and each other, we calmly saved our respective SF Giants caps, paddles and the boat…and finally swam to shore. Some folks helped us figure out that the boat was half full with water, which was the problem all along (yay, it wasn’t me!). It took three guys to lift the boat and drain it, and we were still an hour away from the dock. We paddled on, stopped to drain as often as we could, and finally made it. We did go out the next day, and they had their best boat waiting for us (and yes, we got lots of apologies and a refund). We were soon laughing, but it was also kind of cool to keep learning about ourselves and how our default problem solving solutions might possibly be flawed. Also, there’s a reason why people buy their own kayaks…so next time.

The weekend reminded me why I love Northern California (and also my husband, Steve, who really is swell). It looked a little like this.

IMG_4504 IMG_4505 IMG_4512   IMG_4514IMG_4526 IMG_4587IMG_4534Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset IMG_4559 IMG_4558  IMG_4567IMG_4589 Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset IMG_4574IMG_4627 IMG_4630IMG_2264  IMG_2287 IMG_2292 IMG_2322IMG_2332IMG_2377

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