1. Since I work from home I worry less about what I wear. My husband also works from home and sometimes, gasp, we’re in our pajamas all day!

    I have my go-to jeans and rarely have occasion to get dressed up. I live for comfort and just purchased 3 pairs of Aerosole flats. I have a big event coming up and comfort is key. I am past the point of Spanx, stockings, and underwire. I want comfort!

  2. I am more of a “uniform” dresser. Same outfit many different occasions. I don’t have to think, I already feel good in it. The truth is that I have only worn it for a few hours, so its not ready to be washed… for quite some time. :-)

  3. I am so with you! I pretty much alternate between three different shirts and two pairs of jeans these days. I’m very happy with that, and love that I can focus on more important things!

  4. Black is my favorite color when it comes to clothing. I have to consciously choose other colors to keep from being ribbed by my family. I do alternate between a very limited number of outfits, regardless of color, though. It’s just simpler. I can pretend I do it because I’m all artsy-fartsy and focused on my work but really I’m just lazy. 😀

  5. When my son was young someone bought a few sets of Garanimals (remember those?) for me and I thought it would be wonderful to have someone come organize my closet and put animal tags on them so I could make sure what I am wearing matches, blends or whatever. I do the v-neck tee as well for the most part these days.

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