excuse me, but your moral compass seems to be broken

I’ve been thinking about the concept of a moral compass lately. Every time I click onto a news site (which is often) the term “broken moral compass” keeps coming to me. I am with her, for sure, but gosh, this isn’t easy. Like many Americans, I have a few issues…but like many more (I hope), I can understand that I don’t understand everything, and she’s a good…and at moments, great…choice. But…what was she thinking?

The subject isn’t important. They’re piling up, and it is frustrating to watch this happen. I know I will vote for Hillary, but there are a few other people who need to be convinced, and these stories aren’t helping our cause.

And then there’s him. You know who I mean. I don’t think he even has a moral compass…while hers may be broken, his appears to be non-existent. Truthfully, I would have preferred an opponent who was conservative, yet principled. At least you know where he/she stands, and that there is a moral compass (even if it points in a different direction than my own) for reference.

This is what I don’t get…if you aspire to be President, as Hillary has for much of her professional life, and as Donald has for many years, don’t you already know what’s right and what’s wrong? Even if something isn’t clearly right or wrong (as is the case with many things), don’t you assess the appearance of right and wrong? Don’t you consider the implications of something going haywire and mitigate?  It seems that one of the easiest measurements of right and wrong  is “if I have to keep this secret, it’s probably not considered wise.” And if you can’t figure it out, don’t you have someone in your life to say “you know, that’s not a good idea, and while you’re running for President, you should stay away?”

I know right-ish and wrong-ish have lots room for interpretation. Gosh, Steve and I don’t always agree on what’s right or wrong, and neither do my brothers and I. Sometimes I don’t even agree with myself about what’s right or wrong. But I have a good idea of  what integrity, honesty and loyalty mean. I do mess up, but generally it only impacts a few people. I am not operating with gazillions of dollars, influencing the world, or making life and death decisions. I will never be President of the United States, not even in my dreams.

And you know, maybe this isn’t about our candidates. Maybe it’s about us, as a country and a culture. Maybe we all have messed up moral compasses. Yikes. I’m just looking for answers here…

When Kate was a teenager she told me her decision-making metric was “what’s the best that can happen, and what’s the worst that can happen” and I’ve used that for years. I had a friend who had 6 teenagers at once, due to a blended marriage. He used to tell his kids, “If you’re around trouble, you’re in trouble” and I have repeated that ever since.

Is it too much to expect our Presidential candidates to be as smart as a teenager?

Seventy-five days until election day. That’s plenty of time to find and fix a moral compass.


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