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I’ve been on an accidental and unintentional blogging hiatus. Somehow the combination of winter hibernation, working on Kate’s wedding, working at working, and being a daughter and daughter-in-law didn’t leave room for me to ponder and write about whatever was happening in my brain. I was bored with myself, and didn’t think my thoughts were worth sharing. I’ve been waiting to feel awe-inspired by something so beautiful, charming and delightful that I would instantly feel creative and productive.

Yeah, that didn’t happen.

What did happen is that I turned on the GOP debate, and was shocked (I mean SHOCKED) when  he decided to talk about the size of his, well, his manhood. And then I sat, frozen and incredulous, while he mocked everyone who dare question him. I had to remind myself, several times, that this wasn’t a late night TV skit.

It’s our life. And our country. And possibly, our next President.

And this isn’t funny.

Just a few weeks ago I declared my Facebook page a politically free zone. I wasn’t going to bash him (see, I can barely use his name) as I didn’t think it would make a difference, and I didn’t want to offend people.

But he offends me. He offends the office of the President of the United States. He offends all of us. He offends democracy.

I get that people are angry, disenfranchised, and want a change. I get that our system is a mess. I also understand that I may never be as inspired by a President as I have been by Barack Obama. We have a big country and we aren’t aligned, on anything. But I thought we were aligned that the President of the United States was the most respected and respectful office in the country.

Last September, on our trip to Spain, every taxi driver asked us about him. They said they didn’t understand why he hated everyone. We replied that we didn’t understand either, and we assured them that he would go away soon.

At Thanksgiving, Alex, our then 21-year old daughter, asked us to stop making jokes about him. She said he was racist, misogynist and dangerous. We agreed, but I admit, I thought she might be over reacting. Spoiler alert, she was right.

I love being an American. I want to fly my flag with pride. I am proud of how our country is changing, making room for everyone. It’s slow, but it’s happening. My daughters may not see how far we’ve come, but my mother does. And I do.

I’ve watched most of the debates. I have been inspired and educated by Bernie and Hillary. Last night Steve said of John Kasich,  “At least with him, we wouldn’t have to move to Canada.”

Yesterday I went to Hillary’s site and joined her team. I bought a few bumper stickers and buttons. I will stand and fight with her. I will work for her, and I will encourage everyone I know to vote for her.

Is she a perfect candidate? Of course not. Do I have issues with her past? Yes, of course I do. But my daughters will be safer with her in office.  I believe the world will be a better place with her representing our country, than the other choices (though I do appreciate Bernie, and hope there’s a place for him at the table).

I am not afraid of change. But I am afraid of him, and the hate he is amplifying and normalizing. I hope you are, too. Especially if you are a Republican, because we really need reasonable and responsible Republicans to make this democracy thing work.

Our lives depend on it. And others depend on us. My voice and this blog, are my small, but mighty tools. So I am putting them to work and I am going to believe I can make a difference.

By the way, tonight we are binging on Season 4 of House of Cards. Because now Frank Underwood isn’t nearly as scary. I’ll let you know how that works out.





  1. Ellen Hanson

    HI Kim….while I thoroughly agree with your comments (although not a Hillary supporter), I am not going to share with my FB friends as some continue to support him or Sanders). I am just very much hoping he burns himself out and GOP can magically come up with someone more suitable ….right now am not impressed with anyone….but was impressed with your blog!!

    • Kim

      Thanks Ellen. I am not one of those watching with glee as the Republican party implodes. I just couldn’t watch without speaking up any longer. In fact, I always taught my girls that you have to speak up if someone is being bullied. And someone is…us.

      • The Rs seem to have a self destruct button. Trump would have no chance if the Rs had found an experienced leader to run. Are all qualified Republicans willing to leave the leadership of our country to their current candidates?

  2. Tere Charney

    Oh my! My sentiments exactly! To a TEA! Thanks Kim for your brave insight! I have my bumper stickers! I’m putting them on my car!

  3. Ramona

    I never share things that are even remotely political because politics. But I have already shared this and will share if again. You pulled the thoughts and feelings out of my heart and head and wrote them cleay and eloquently. Thank you. We do not know one another and probably never will, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  4. We all have had the points in life that push buttons we didn’t even know we had. I never imagined doing street theater because of a war that ended up destabilizing an entire region of the world. But I did it… for years. Finding our inner citizen can be a profound awakening to a most significant part of our identity that perhaps our modern lives have allowed us to neglect.

  5. Jean Wiley

    Kim -You are right on in your comments about the Reps and their misplaced vision in candidate choices. Your political lens is astute, succinct and written with Ann Richardson verve. You go girl!#!

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