gathering good :: holiday edition

yosemite chapel

Every year I attempt to scrooge my way through Christmas, and every year I fail. I am hoping that since we had the Virus That Ruined Thanksgiving, we can skip the Scrooge act all together. These treats might help:

Bloody Marys, from Preservation (right around the corner from the studio). Lucky us.

In my fantasies, I am a fabulous waffle maker (a maker of fabulous waffles, not the equipment). I’ve tried, and I kind of suck. But this keyboard waffle maker is inspiring, yes?

Seven writers on their favorite bookstores. I feel better, just reading their words.

This book. I mean this lamp. I mean this book/lamp.

The NYT Best Books of 2016 list. Can we stay home and just read for two weeks? Please?

These cookies are almost enough to turn me into a baker (I am so not a baker). Chocolate and World Peace, in one morsel.

However, I am a drinker. Red Wine Hot Cocoa. A Christmas miracle in a cup!

I love everything about the We Keep Exploring collections.

I know one daughter and son-in-law who would love the Salami of the month club. Heh.

Kind of amazing Gingerbread Houses. Ours don’t look exactly like this.

Finally, nativity scenes for the minimalist.

See you on the flip side.



Photo by Kim Tackett. Yosemite Valley, 2015.






  1. Sandra Bugalski

    You made my day! I’ll jump into your links this weekend, but that’s the chapel where my husband and I got married. What a lovely picture!!

  2. Kim

    Sandra, that’s so awesome! I think everyone dreams of getting married there. That was New Year’s Eve 2015.

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