gathering good :: 4 november 2016


The Chicago Cubs win certainly carried enough good to balance out the election coverage, but I think we might need a bonus pack to take us into the weekend, yes? Here we go:

What to call those (if we must label) who are ageless? Meet the Perennials.

Two weeks until Anthony and I meet in Seattle (except he might not know it).  He has a new cookbook.

Mary Oliver on reading as a life saving device.

Anyone who knows us, understands our family has a thing about maps (all of us). A more accurate world map changes our view (in a good way).

Internet rules from Seth. Number 9!

If you’re like me, engaging in unhealthy obsessive news watching behavior, the NY Times has a new tool to help you find something else to watch. (Something healthy is probably a walk or a book, but that might be asking too much).

David Bowie’s reading list. Are you surprised?

Chocolate Coffee Marshmallow Treats. Yup, I don’t think I can go there. Not because they wouldn’t be delicious, but because they wouldn’t last through one cycle of Rachel Maddow-Lawrence O’Donnel-Chris Matthews. See, I told you it was a problem. However, if it is close election night, stress eating is probably going to happen (also drinking).

Stunning…literature vs. traffic in Toronto. Art may save us, after all.

Have you seen the Google Arts and Culture site? It’s like a mini vacation.

This Instagram account, Hillary Street Style, makes me smile. And that’s a good thing these days.

Be Kind stickers available (free) at my side gig, This is Plan Be.

See you on the flip side, where ever we might be this time next week.


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