gathering good :: 31 march 2017


It’s spring, it’s Friday, it’s time to get stuff done, or let stuff go. But first, a few links:

In celebration of the lovely Iris.

Podcasts are my new addiction. Curated Podcast Playlists.

For the easily distracted (and if you’re here, then you are). Flowstate is for those of us who can’t stay on task. You write, and keep writing for 20 minutes. It doesn’t save your work if you stop. Yikes.

Celebrated writers on keeping a diary (BTW, I just heard Maria Popova on Krista Tippett’s podcast, On Being….really great!)

Powerful Pioneers | 10 Groundbreaking Creatives, delightful and fun.

I smile every time this couple shows up in my Instagram feed. Also, Steve and I dress the same on accident all the time. Guess that happens when you only wear black t shirts and jeans!

Another grin-inducing Instagram feed I discovered this week is Aesthetics of Joy.

If I were the kind of person to buy stuff on whim, I’d buy myself this. Just saying.

The world’s coolest passports (which wold also look good in the bag, noted above…again, just saying).

Icons for change, for the graphic resister in you (or maybe, you).

We’re delighted to have our postcards included in the website, Cards to Congress. Free art for your postcard endeavors.

In praise of the Dansko clog.

Since I have clearly identified myself as a “mature” person, this list cracked me up (since I am one of those people who counts the minutes until 10:00 when I can go to bed).

And to finish, just beautiful pictures from above.

See you on the flip side.

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