gathering good :: 21 october 2016


Gosh, it’s exhausting to be an American right now, isn’t it? In the spirit of all that is good, I am offering a election-free round up of links to take us into the weekend. Because we all deserve a breather here and there, so we can carry on when it counts.

Around here we’ve been talking about how to set yourself up for maximum creativity. Brain Pickings has more to ponder here.

Did I hear booklist? All 399 books referenced in The Gilmore Girls.

Julia Child’s crew…heh (this totally cracks me up).

10 tips for great travel photos. It’s nice to be reminded that even challenging circumstances can produce a great image.

The big rock theory.  One year Steve and I were such believers in this that we placed a big rock in a jar of water on our kitchen window sill. True story.

Just for fun, buildings that resemble what they sell.

And just for laughs, tweets from Fitbit owners (these are pretty funny).

Internet friends are real friends (you know who you are).

OMG, these pencil sculptures.

Just in case you missed it, my 35-word stories from our trip in Chicago.

And a really lovely story from Karen Walrond about the Northern Lights.

See you on the flip side.

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