gathering good :: 18 november 2016

shiny rocks

Hello friends, what a week. I’m nursing a cold, drinking tea, washing rocks and pondering what’s next. Also trying to stay within the healthy, happy corner of the internet for a bit.

Reading helps. I’m starting here.

Or, reading while drinking wine. Short stories on your bottle, handy and delightful, yes?

The Compliment Project. Free awesomeness.

Grains of sand, x300. Wow (on so many levels).

The Temple of Colors...that’s pretty inspiring, if you like color, that is (and yes, I want all the colors, all the time).

Mermaid Camp, it’s a thing.

Beautiful leather book bags that are about the book.

Oh my goodness, this salad.

Toni Morrison on the artist’s task for troubled times.

Are you following ObamaBiden Memes on Instagram? It’s been the only thing that’s made me laugh all week.

In case you missed it, the time I wrote about recovering from the election and organizing my feelings.

Rest up, we have work to do. See you on the flip side.


    • Kim

      Bonnie, I bought them at The Rock Shop in Vacaville CA. They were actually part of the center pieces for my daugter’s wedding!

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