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I’m headed to the Columbia River Gorge in Washington for a mom and daughter weekend with Miss Alex. Steve is riding the Davis Double Century (as in 200 miles in one day, and yes, it’s a way big deal). If you’d like to stop by and do our weekend chores, we’d be ever so grateful. If not, here are a few links of good, weird and grateful.

This makes sense to me. The genetic reason why some people are born to travel all over the world.

This week’s odd and beautiful art. Food cubed (it really is cool).

A collapsible water bottle. Need this for travel now that I am giving up on justifying my overpacking issues and committing to carry on.

I’ve been binging on Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. I’m halfway in and while I have always been a fan of Lily’s, she really is great here. The show is more layered than it lets on, and it’s an easy watch. Not since the Golden Girls have we had 70-year-old women as our heroines (also, an incredible beach house).

Because you can never have enough Ray Bradbury.

Be clear. Be short. Don’t be boring. Ten writing tips and the psychology behind them.

37 things you can do with vodka. Turns out, pretty much everything.

These stories of misremembering are pretty intriguing. What do you think?

Finally, you must be present to win.

See you on the flip side.

Photo by Kim Tackett. Panama Pottery, Sacramento CA


  1. Kris

    I binge-watched Grace and Frankie too! Usually a huge fan of Sam Waterston, I was a little embarrassed by his character in this series. He seemed kind of silly. And Martin Sheen, who I used to like, is so stuffy and has ill-fitting dentures. But the women! I loved how their relationship develops and how nimble they are in their mid-70s.

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