1. I worry about it too. I was talking to my son about this being his first presidential election since he became eligible to vote. He’s unhappy because he wanted to want someone. Instead he feels like he has to vote for whoever he disapproves of the least.
    I told him that this is a perfect first election. It will require quite a bit of thought, conversation, maturity. And I hope that it moves him to get involved in our political system. Identify what he feels needs changing and get to work.

  2. I know I can write this here, because you provide a safe space, and you appreciate honesty with integrity…even if the viewpoint is different than yours. That is something I’ve always admired about you. I do not want either choice this time around. I’m very scared and VERY anxious. But, I heard the best thing the other day and even though I know the verse about loving your neighbor, this opined my eyes. The bible tells us to “love your neighbor as yourself” no matter what. Not only if they vote just like you do or if they’re the same race or religion as you are, or if they love or hate your sports team. IF we all felt this way, things wouldn’t be as scary. That doesn’t solve this election, but it helped me. I’ve been bitter towards others in regards to their choice of candidate this time. I’m not anymore. I’m just going to love my neighbor NO MATTER WHAT. Maybe in my little tiny corner of the works that will make a difference. ?

  3. Kim

    Nicolle, thanks for your brave and thoughtful note. I have been really impressed with my conservative friends and family. They do tease me a bit, but they haven’t trashed me, or my candidate, even on social media. And I am trying to learn to speak, listen and write with an open heart…to learn to state my beliefs, but be tolerant of others. This time it’s harder, for sure. Which makes it essential that we work even harder at finding common ground.

  4. Kim, thoughtful post. I want to be like Nicolle, but I find it very challenging. We were at dinner Saturday night, a church group of 8 that meets four times a year. This was the 3rd time and it came up, the election and 5 of the 8 were not voting for Hillary and I was shocked. I guess i don’t understand. We meet again the Saturday after the election. Will my husband and I go? Hard to say. Harder to do especially if she loses. Thanks for talking about it. We need to talk about it.

  5. I fear (as someone who was, briefly, a history major in college) that we are going to end up in a Civil War. Not north vs. south. This will be a Civil War of ideas and attitudes. Where we may want to literally persecute or kill our neighbors for whatever reason (each of us can name a few without even breaking a sweat). In history, it has happened before. It rarely turns out well.

  6. Kris

    How can it be half though? I know it is but I just don’t understand it. A former colleague that I’m friends with on Facebook – progressive who voted for Obama twice and was a big Bernie supporter this season – recently shared a video and in her comment wrote “do NOT care who you’re voting for, and please don’t share, especially if you’re solidly behind either candidate as it will cause me to question your integrity”. It’s really been bothering me because I *am* solidly behind my candidate. I’ve done a lot of reading and listening trying to understand my candidate’s history and platform and why she is so reviled even by liberals. And while I have cringed at a few things, the more I learn the more solidly I’m behind her, and I don’t think my integrity should be questioned exactly because I’m being thoughtful. I don’t know if my friend will vote for president – she indicated in an earlier message that this may be the first time in her lifetime that she has not voted. That, I think, shows lack of integrity.

    • Kim

      I hear you Kris. I wonder how much having daughters impacts our beliefs? I suspect, at least for me, quite a bit. I wonder if I would feel safer, should the other candidate win, if I had sons? I don’t know…but I am certainly concerned for the safety of my daughters. Sigh.

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