this week's mojo to go :: 27 february 2015

backyard blossoms

The blossoms are out in the yard, led by these two brave beauties.  Here are some happy, creative links for the weekend.

Ten things highly creative people do differently.

Speaking of creative people, the talented Lisa Congdon, on getting older. (Love her glasses!)

I heard this story on Capital Public Radio (NPR) and it inspired me for days. Danny Gregory on his new book “Art Before Breakfast: A Zillion Ways to be More Creative No Matter How Busy You Are”

I’ve done Project 365 (a photo a day for a year) twice, but Kathryn Heise’s P365 is breathtaking.

Ten wanderlust-worthy Instagram accounts to follow.

The Museum of Online Museums…or as I call it, the black hole of the internet. I’ll see you in a week.

Pharrell Williams’ Happy, on wineglasses. Yes, wine glasses (which do make me happy).

Happy weekend. See you on the flip side.


this week's mojo to go :: 20 february 2015

laugh love

Links on the lighter side today, especially for those of you on the East Coast who are (still) stuck inside. We’ll try to not complain about the California sunshine drought.

If Stanley Tucci were your boyfriend. How did they know?

Army men  for peace. Yoga Joes. Just awesome. (Thanks Craig)

I have a thing for projects like this. Origami x 15,000 for the no hate speech movement in Romania.

I don’t change bags often because of my “stuff.” I read this piece and immediately ordered a purse organizer. A step up from plastic baggies, don’t you think?

The Design Within Reach Champagne Cork Chair Contest Winners. More here and here. Who knew that was a thing?

David Byrne’s drawings of the human condition. He had me at Venn Diagram.

A thought-provoking read. Getting over your fear of missing out.

A little Maira Kalman is good for every day. Here’s a new video short: My Favorite Things.

See you on the flip side.

this week's mojo to go :: 13 february 2015

mirror/alameda flea

We’ve got a three-day weekend with plenty to do, so let’s get to it, shall we?

I love San Francisco, and I love the path less traveled. These Detours might be perfect for our next day trip.

Carole King on inspiration vs. perspiration and overcoming creative roadblocks.

This artist will photoshop your dreams. Which would be amusing, if only I could remember them. It’s a clever gig, for sure.

Pass the salt please. Motoi Yamamoto’s Incredible Saltscapes (thanks Dorothy). Unbelievable.

Give it Five Minutes by Jason Fried. He’s right, you know.

I’m thinking this is the perfect gift for Steve me. Carry On Cocktail Kit, TSA friendly.

My favorite video of the week (in honor of my daughter, Alex), Lift Like a Girl.

Have a great weekend. See you on the flip side.

just so you know, I saw you

rainy night

I saw you shove her. It was dark and I was driving, just a few blocks away from home.

I saw the two of you. You shoved her and then I heard her shouting.

I kept driving. I looked back, but didn’t stop.

I wondered to do. Our town is pretty white, and you weren’t.

I was ashamed that it mattered, that it may have kept me from doing anything.

I wondered if I would have stopped if you had punched her instead of shoved her. I wondered how many times this has happened.

To her.

I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I couldn’t just go home, like nothing had happened.

I turned the car around and went back. If I shined a light, if you knew I saw you, you might stop. Or at least know that you were seen.

As the car turned right, the two of you had already turned left.

Maybe it was OK, after all.

I followed you, but you were both gone.

I saw both of you, just so you know.

But I am thinking of her.


this week's mojo to go :: 6 february 2015

be kind

Kindness shows up in all sorts of ways, including a weekend when one really needs it. Happy weekend, and a few links to get you started.

You suck less than most people and other non-conventional valentine cards.  These will do. Heh.

Did you see this Katie Couric interview with Frances McDormand on aging? I love the part where Katie reads Frances’ NYT quote about women doing things (like dying their hair, dressing like teenagers) to look young, and Katie has to ‘fess up.

The Thirty-Day Minimalism Challenge. I would last for three days. Sigh.

Proof that Kindness Matters by Andrea Scher. Instant warm fuzzies (remember those?).

If you’re not offended by cursing, try the ironically titled piece,  The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*&K by Mark Manson. (I curse, but I can’t write the word. My nephew says writing the f word with asterisks is the same as a bald man sporting a comb over, you’re not fooling anyone. He’s right, but I still can’t write it). I love the part about recognizing you have only so many f*&ks to give, so be considered about using them. That’s true, isn’t it (no matter how many asterisks you use)?

Poetic paintings, chocolate typography, and a spectacular study of color.

And just for fun, the A-Z of Dance.

I am still mailing Be Kind stickers to folks all over the world. Come on over to This is Plan Be and get yours. See you on the flip side.

we have a few sayings around here

We used them when the girls were growing up, we use them in the studio, and we’re still using them. In fact, they feel more relevant now than ever. They seem to serve as both life philosophy and our own vernacular. Hang around and on any given day you’ll hear one, or more, of these.

For those not in the design industry, Collect for Output is a term used for one of the last tasks before sending a job to print…that is, collecting all of the assorted files into one print-ready file. Meaning, the job is (just about) done. Or in our version, “You’re brilliant, we’re done, let’s go.” That makes sense, doesn’t it?

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