gathering good :: 26 june 2015


I found this photo in my files, leftover from one of Alex’s road trips. She’s off on another adventure, and took a batch of Be Kind stickers with her. Here are a few links to keep us/me distracted while waiting for the next text from Crete.

First of all…breaking news…doing the happy dance about this. Yay for love. And yay for America. Finally.

Have you seen the new Pixar movie, Inside Out yet? Grab yourself a kid (I grabbed my 21-year old) and treat yourself to a few feels. And while we’re all up in our feelings, Why Pixar Movies Make Us Cry. Also, they nailed the science of memory.

Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life. The Illusion of Work Life Balance.

A color vision test that starts out easy, but gets more challenging. It was a fun few minutes and it turns out, I have awesome vision (yay me).

By now you know I love (obsessed some might say) notebooks. Writers’ Notebook: Junkyard of the Mind.

Where in the world does language live? You might be surprised.

Are you following Chiliphilly on Instagram? Because while some of us may not need a knit pizza hat, all of us need to know it exists.

The 50 best things to eat in San Francisco. No explanation needed.

My friend Vonnie posted this interview on Facebook. WTF with Marc Maron, interviewing Barack Obama. Yes, THAT Barack Obama.

Can’t look, can’t look away. Human head helmets. Kinda cool and kind gross, yes?

If you’d like a set of Be Kind stickers, come over and visit me at This is Plan Be. Because this week, we all need as much love, light and kindness as we can muster. See you on the flip side.


gathering good :: 19 june 2015


Alex has been home for a week, preparing for her next (self-financed) trip to Europe. It’s been the most time we’ve had with her in a year, so it’s been a treat for all of us (well, maybe more for us than for her). Good times and good food, that’s for sure. In the meantime, other goodness from the internet.

There are no hacks to a meaningful life. No shortcuts, we just have to live it, one day at a time. Why is that so hard (she asks, semi-seriously).

Saying no without burning bridges is an art from. A few tips on saying yes to no. Also, this awesome mug to help remind you that no can be beautiful.

Eight things that happen when you give up diet soda. We’ve had a mid afternoon Diet Pepsi habit for years, and after reading this I switched to iced tea. So far, I am just fine.

Super successful on the inside. And if you ever forget, this key ring will remind you. Heh.

On the importance of drawing. Steve made sure both of our daughters drew, no matter where their lives took them. Me, not so much, but I pretend sometimes.

How Smartphone dependent are you? A quiz from the New Yorker. I hadn’t considered naming mine, but now that you mention it…

Summer means these spiked watermelon pops and Saltine Crack Ice Cream Sandwiches, at least in my fantasies.

And finally, Only Human temporary tattoo. Only yes, of course.

See you on the flip side.


gathering good :: 5 june 2015


My week may or may not have slipped into the uninspired category. In an effort to slip out and back into creative and curious, here are a few links of goodness.

My friend, David Watts Barton, is traveling around Europe, and it’s been a delight to follow his adventures on Facebook. This week he published this great piece, To Live Life Unburdened by Stuff. At the same time, my friend Tracy posted this piece, Let’s Celebrate the Art of Clutter. Can I  live in both worlds?

Because I seem hooked on these Myers Briggs comparisons: Discover the Kitchen Style for your Myers Briggs Personality Type. ENFJ and yes, I’ll take one of those.

Certainly you’ve read Sheryl Sandberg’s piece on dealing with grief. But just in case you missed it, here it is. There’s so much here, but what has stayed with me all week is the concept of kicking the shit out of Plan B. That works on so many levels, doesn’t it?

The Secret to Taking Successful Photographs. A few gems in here.

20 Food Books to Read This Summer. All of them, just all of them.

For the love of paper notebooks. Last week I counted the number of blank paper notebooks on my desk. Let’s just say, double digits.

Good grammar is sexy. As a tote, and also a tee.

FOMO. The Fear of Missing Out. It’s a thing. But it probably means we should step away from our devices, yes?

See you on the flip side.

Photo by Kim Tackett. Portland, Oregon. Be Kind stickers here.

gathering good :: 22 may 15


Packing my overnight bag again this weekend, but hope to grab an entire day on Monday to catch up with myself. In the meantime, a few links from the week. Lots of good, everywhere we look.

Forget the Man Cave, let’s get a She Shed.

The Science of Intuition. I knew it.

ENFJ  here. What Each Myers Briggs Type Does At A Party (yup) and The Definition of Hell For Each MB Personality Type (yup yup).

If you love movies and you love food, this is a pretty great list. I think I have seen most of these!

This desk would make the perfect kitchen table in my house.

We can be heroes. These photos crack me up. May you be the hero of your weekend, no matter what that looks like. See you on the flip side.

Photo by Kim Tackett. Portland, OR.

gathering good :: 15 may 15

art yard

I’m headed to the Columbia River Gorge in Washington for a mom and daughter weekend with Miss Alex. Steve is riding the Davis Double Century (as in 200 miles in one day, and yes, it’s a way big deal). If you’d like to stop by and do our weekend chores, we’d be ever so grateful. If not, here are a few links of good, weird and grateful.

This makes sense to me. The genetic reason why some people are born to travel all over the world.

This week’s odd and beautiful art. Food cubed (it really is cool).

A collapsible water bottle. Need this for travel now that I am giving up on justifying my overpacking issues and committing to carry on.

I’ve been binging on Grace and Frankie with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin. I’m halfway in and while I have always been a fan of Lily’s, she really is great here. The show is more layered than it lets on, and it’s an easy watch. Not since the Golden Girls have we had 70-year-old women as our heroines (also, an incredible beach house).

Because you can never have enough Ray Bradbury.

Be clear. Be short. Don’t be boring. Ten writing tips and the psychology behind them.

37 things you can do with vodka. Turns out, pretty much everything.

These stories of misremembering are pretty intriguing. What do you think?

Finally, you must be present to win.

See you on the flip side.

Photo by Kim Tackett. Panama Pottery, Sacramento CA

gathering good :: 8 may 2015


It was a so much kind of week. So much of everything, including good. Just in case you missed it…

Emily McDowell’s Empathy Cards have been all over Facebook this week, mostly posted by friends who are breast cancer survivors. Which tells me she’s onto something pretty great.

Katie Hafner’s letter to Sheryl Sandberg is lovely and powerful, and a must read for anyone who has lost someone they loved, or who will in the future. That would be all of us, wouldn’t it? “You will get through it. But you will never get past it.” Sigh.

Did you see the NY Times piece, The Price of Nice Nails? I love a pedicure, but have often wondered about the women who work, bent over my feet, barely making eye contact with me. I don’t buy the cheapest, but I don’t know if that these women are being compensated fairly.

This one is easy…Photographer Brittany Wright captures food in colorful gradients. (No sadness or guilt required for that one, eh?)

Made me laugh. One liners that sum up a marriage. One of these made me laugh especially hard. I’ll let you guess which one.

A handy tip for the easily distracted.  You obviously qualify, just by being here. It’s a three minute video…kind of weird at first, but by the end, I thought it might be brilliant. What do you think?

The difference between living in New York and San Francisco. I live in neither, but know enough about both to see the truth.

A prescription for calm. Lovely.

And because I have nothing better to do with myself (and I am easily distracted, see above), what happens when you cut a rubber band ball in half. You’re welcome.

I hope your weekend is full of spring, light and love. See you on the flip side.

Photo by Kim Tackett. Davis Farmer’s Market.

gathering good :: 17 april 2015

be kind mugs

As weeks go, this one was pretty darned good. The Giants raised their third World Series flag. Steve’s jury duty only lasted a day. Hillary is a go. One of my clients used my work in a way that gave me goosebumps. My dad got good health news. And this happened. Also, these pieces also showed up:

Let’s travel around the world and hike the most breathtaking trails. I’ve done parts of some of these. Looks like I need to rework my bucket list.

Enthusiasm and contempt, it’s a choice. Seth Godin via Swiss Miss.

I seem to have a thing for Post It Note art. 9,000 Post Its in an office…it’s wonderful (pun intended).

A typographic cheatsheet. As an over user of the em dash, I appreciate the reminders.

How much water is used to produce your food? Relevant in California, for sure. Also, awesome infographics.

How no became yes. Or is it how yes became no? The language of confusion. And why does this New Yorker piece make me feel old?

Maysoon Zayid has 99 problems, and palsy is just one of them. Brilliant and funny, my favorite combo.

I think I could totally rock a Legos handbag.

My friend Sue posted this sweet video on Facebook. This is one of the loveliest pieces I have seen in ages. Also, a great testimonial for vegetarians. Love.

This quick piece about friending vs. following was thought provoking.

Especially for my friend Penny. Portraits of artists and their cats. You’re welcome.

Be Kind coffee mugs in three color combos, here.

Have a great weekend. See you on the flip side.

gathering good :: 10 april 2015


Oh, a very good week. Everyone is healthy and happy. Baseball is back, a little rain (yay), some very good work, exercise (!), and just a small purchase…of tickets for Spain in September!  And links, of course!

Serious map addiction in this house. You too? Check out this tumblr, Beautiful Maps.

Did someone say roadtrip? All the US landmarks in one long, meandering journey. Let’s go.

Ten words every girl should learn. I’d like to believe our daughters no longer need this, but I suspect all of us could use the reminder to keep on speaking up. (Thanks Kim Thompson Steele)

I think Michelle is all that (and yes, Barack is still my boyfriend). Did you catch her on Jimmy Fallon? Evolution of Mom Dancing, Part 2. You’re welcome.

Last week I binge watched The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Tiny Fey for the win. Recommended if you want something happy and fun. I also did Garfunkel and Oates, which was also delightful, but fair warning, very raunchy (which made me love it even more). Plus, there’s ukulele.

Because we all need another booklist. 32 Books That Will Change Your Life. Add some Barbara Kingsolver, Isabel Allende, Anne Lamott and Maya Angelou to this list and we’re all good. What books changed your life? Tell me, I really want to know.

This one’s been around awhile. 33 Brilliantly Designed Wine Bottles. Of course I buy for the label!

The Science of Why You Should Spend Your Money on Experiences, not Things. Yup, I knew that.

And with that, let’s have a weekend. See you on the flip side.