gathering good :: 30 september 2016


Last weekend Steve and I took 24 hours at Lake Tahoe to celebrate his birthday, and to remind ourselves how to breathe. It was a success on both counts, and now I am wondering how to follow it up this weekend. Suggestions welcome.

In the meantime, here are a few links to share:

This fall foliage map makes one want to head east, yes?

Anthony Bourdain is not a fan of pumpkin spice. Anything.

Scientific American has a theory on where creativity comes from. My family has a creative component for sure (even those who think they aren’t), so this is pretty interesting to me.

I have plenty of mugs, but this one showed up, and I think I need it. (Maybe I will fill it with pumpkin spice something and take it with me on a fall foliage field trip.)

Warning, rabbit hole ahead. MOMA puts 1000’s of exhibit photos online.

Why we are so bad at shopping (note to self).

Perfect penmanship makes me swoon.

Sometimes my immaturity surprises even me. Like when I giggle at product names like this (and when I seriously consider buying the product, so I can giggle every day).

Did you know this was Banned Books Week? Banned Books Themed Gifts…(I know of one daughter who would love any of these…you know who you are)

And with that, I am off to take a walk, read a book and open a bottle of wine.

See you on the flip side.

gathering good :: 9 september 2016


Does anyone else feel like they need an emotional palate cleanser after all of the election news this week? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Let’s start with this.

Ten lovely and lonely houses, when you need to get away from the world. Maybe I will see you there on November 9.

Remember Stacy London from What Not To Wear? She has something new to say, and it’s pretty powerful.

Female friendly enamel pins (that’s kind of a silly distinction. but I think I could use the “I am fun” pin).

I always appreciate these lists, though I feel like they are always telling us to enjoy failing. Six Tips For Success from Mike Birbiglia.

The art of the avocado. And I did not just lick the screen!

Love this new website, for those of  us who devour books (in addition to avocados), Read It Forward.

Ten words for emotions you didn’t know you had. I have experienced Malu, for sure.

Art to help you find yourself. Here.

May your weekend be full of kindness, to yourself and others. We’re gonna need it. See you on the flip side.


Photo by Kim Tackett, Plaza de Espana, Seville, Spain.

gathering good :: 2 september 2016


It’s been a swell week, with the completion of my 59th trip around the sun, a Wednesday jaunt to San Francisco, and a few other treats. I’ve had plenty of proof of goodness in the world, despite the dark landscape that seems to surround us.  A few links to take us into the long weekend.

Kind of a wild concept, the kitchenless house. How would this change our lives and our neighborhoods?

33 mindblowing documentaries to download on Netflix (thanks Katie)

Lost and found, a moving photo essay of what our immigrants have had taken away.

Of all the lists, the to-do might be my fave. The 100-year old to-do list hack that still works.

Proof than girls do science, very well, thank you. Your daily trailblazer, Katherine Johnson of NASA.

And a nice segue into Star Trek stamps from USPS!

Here’s a story that may or may not be true, but it sure makes me feel good.

What do women leaders have in common?

On traveling alone.

And this awesome quote.

Have an awesome weekend. See you on the flip side.


Photos by Kim Tackett. Newport, Oregon.

gathering good :: 29 april 2016


It’s been a heavy week, so here are some lighthearted links.

Coloring books…personalized. So much better than swirly flowers. This cracks me up.

Visual humor. Brock Davis sees more stuff than the rest of us.

Three survival skills that aren’t super obvious.

Perhaps brushing your teeth is the answer to happiness.

Last weekend we were in Chico and stopped in at the Sierra Nevada Brewery. When we lived in Chico, Sierra Nevada was two guys in their garage (where we picked up the kegs for our wedding). Now it’s a big, delicious deal. Also Torpedo Beer Cheese. Just saying  those three words makes me smile and the taste made me so happy it may have been illegal.

How different people spend $100 at the grocery store. I’d love to see “how different people spend $100 differently” too. I know even in our house, we have different approaches (why Hello Amazon Prime, are you sneaking up on me?).

Small summer house lust. I will take one of each, thank you very much.

Please don’t tell anyone, but before he died, I wasn’t all that familiar with Prince’s music. I’ve heard (and recognized) more of it in the past week than I have in the past decade. I knew he was a genius and his music mattered, it just wasn’t on my playlist. However, I did catch him on New Girl, and loved this story about working with him on set.

Did you get your woman card? Yup, I bought mine (and I do appreciate a clever response).

Why I don’t get stuff done, an imaginary conversation with the internet. Heh!

And speaking of stuff, isn’t it about time for a weekend? See you on the flip side.


gathering good :: 18 march 2016

IMG_8369 (2)

I gotta tell you,  it’s tough to keep one’s sense of humor during this election season. Then again, a sense of humor is absolutely critical so we don’t all go nuts. Here are a few links to help us forget what’s happening out there (if at least for a few minutes).

Have you seen the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coloring Book? The unicorn is my fave, for sure.

My studio mate Dane reminded me of  The Onion, and I’ve been checking it out every day, especially when the news is too much (like I said, every day). Though these days the satire doesn’t seem so far fetched, does it?

Am I the last person to hear about The Great British Baking Show? Season One is on Netflix and it’s the sweetest antidote to the news. I couldn’t get enough of it (and yes, I binged and watched it all in one week). It’s so pretty!! And nice!! And, well, lovely.

Speaking of  sweet. Using the magic of flower power to soften the pit bull’s image.

I actually thought I was quoted out, but here are ten to guide your life, or at least kickstart your day.

This piece will remind you that people are really, really good.

If you love New York, and you love pizza (well, that would be most everyone), then you will love this, I promise.

I never tire of these posts and slide shows…throwing out the granny stereotype.

And finally, I am still sending out packs of Be Kind stickers…to date I have shipped over 350 sets to folks in 7 countries. If you’d like some (they’re free), check out my other site, This is Plan Be and fill out the request form.

See you on the flip side.