gathering good :: 31 march 2017


It’s spring, it’s Friday, it’s time to get stuff done, or let stuff go. But first, a few links:

In celebration of the lovely Iris.

Podcasts are my new addiction. Curated Podcast Playlists.

For the easily distracted (and if you’re here, then you are). Flowstate is for those of us who can’t stay on task. You write, and keep writing for 20 minutes. It doesn’t save your work if you stop. Yikes.

Celebrated writers on keeping a diary (BTW, I just heard Maria Popova on Krista Tippett’s podcast, On Being….really great!)

Powerful Pioneers | 10 Groundbreaking Creatives, delightful and fun.

I smile every time this couple shows up in my Instagram feed. Also, Steve and I dress the same on accident all the time. Guess that happens when you only wear black t shirts and jeans!

Another grin-inducing Instagram feed I discovered this week is Aesthetics of Joy.

If I were the kind of person to buy stuff on whim, I’d buy myself this. Just saying.

The world’s coolest passports (which wold also look good in the bag, noted above…again, just saying).

Icons for change, for the graphic resister in you (or maybe, you).

We’re delighted to have our postcards included in the website, Cards to Congress. Free art for your postcard endeavors.

In praise of the Dansko clog.

Since I have clearly identified myself as a “mature” person, this list cracked me up (since I am one of those people who counts the minutes until 10:00 when I can go to bed).

And to finish, just beautiful pictures from above.

See you on the flip side.

gathering good :: 16 march 2017

IMG_7545 (1)

A day early this time (or three weeks late, depending on how you’re counting), but lots of links for the easily distractable. Have fun, but don’t forget to go outside.

After seeing the movie Hidden Figures, I think we’re ready for this all female NASA Lego team, don’t you?

Cement factory magic castle is a thing. Kind of breathtaking.

Here’s a lovely longish read: What writers really do when they write.

I have several friends on Facebook who have passed away, yet FB reminds me of their birthdays every year. Is your digital life ready for your death?

I love this…book reviews in 3 paragraphs or less. The Brief Book Reviews blog.

Nope, we didn’t just make it up. The Science of Hangry.

This cracks me up (and yes, it would probably work on me). Repackaging junk food for the hipster crowd.  Heh.

34 books by women of color to read this year. Time to stop talking and start supporting.

These are beautiful. Designer turns Arabic letters into illustrations of their literal meaning (you have to see it to get it).

Finally, we have something new on This is Plan Be, Be the Change postcards. They’re free. Come visit and get a pack of your own for sending or just some inspiration for creative resistance.

See you on the flip side.


Photo by Kim Tackett. Almond orchard in Yolo County.

gathering good :: 24 february 2017


Hi there, it’s been a long while since I have done one of these round ups of internet wonderfulness. We might have to look a little harder these days, but artists are still making, writers are still creating and the rest of us are imagining with all our might. Want to know what I found?

33 new books for 2017.  My books-in-waiting are stacked around my chair like little towers.

And here are 70 books to make you feel hopeful. (If you’re counting, that’s 103 books for my reading towers, which might make getting to my chair without spilling my coffee a little trickier.)

Jamming with the Boston Typewriter Orchestra!

Tee shirts for the feminist in your life.

The wheelchair, reinvented (wow!).

The one breakfast habit you should break...oh, my life would be so much easier if I didn’t require milk in my coffee. Honestly.

These Earl Grey Tea Truffles…is it past chocolate season yet?

Winter may have felt more beautiful last November, but if you need a reminder, these photos are breathtaking.

Do you follow Emily McDowell? I love her products, especially her empathy cards.

Productivity is about what you don’t do. A new way to look at an old issue, yes?

Norman Seef B+W portraits of celebrities in the 70’s and 80’s. So cool.

My daughter Alex would love this. Now that I think of it, it’s not so different from my stack of books surrounding my chair.

There, don’t you feel better than if you’d spent the last 15 minutes on news sites? I sure do.

See you on the flip side.


Photo by Kim Tackett, Barcelona.


gathering good :: 16 december 2016


Does anyone else feel like the holidays just plopped themselves in the middle of life? Which is how it always is, I guess…but this year they feel especially ploppish. And maybe the distraction is a good thing. Let’s go with that, shall we? And while we’re going, here are a few links of cool stuff I found.

This Women Who Draw open directory for illustrators makes me so happy. Even if you’re not an artist, it will make you smile.

Need another smile, and also some quick homemade gifts? Jasmine Tea Infused Vodka. Next year, my friends.

A little spring for your winter, in the form of 25,000 paper flowers. Sometimes we just need a little pretty, you know?

These house numbers are awesome. We’ve had the same ones since we moved in, 24 years ago. I think we should be embarrassed by now.

This graphic helped me calm down a bit and remember that I don’t control everything.

RBG says this is how to raise a kick-ass daughter.  I actually did pretty well here, though I can’t take all the credit.

Chai Sugar. I love to make gifts for neighbors and friends, but since I don’t bake, I’m always looking for new ideas.

Beautiful Brie.

50 of the year’s best images from National Geographic. Like a vacation in my computer, that’s what.

Pantone’s color of the year, Greenery. I like it!

Toni Morrison writes about the role of an artist in times of turmoil. We have work to do, my friends.

50 ways to do good by doing well. I love these and want to put each one of them on a post it note and place all over my body, so I won’t forget.

That’s it for this week (and maybe even for the year). See you on the flip side.


Photo by Kim Tackett. Yosemite Valley, New Year’s Eve 2015. Altered in Prisma.


gathering good :: holiday edition

yosemite chapel

Every year I attempt to scrooge my way through Christmas, and every year I fail. I am hoping that since we had the Virus That Ruined Thanksgiving, we can skip the Scrooge act all together. These treats might help:

Bloody Marys, from Preservation (right around the corner from the studio). Lucky us.

In my fantasies, I am a fabulous waffle maker (a maker of fabulous waffles, not the equipment). I’ve tried, and I kind of suck. But this keyboard waffle maker is inspiring, yes?

Seven writers on their favorite bookstores. I feel better, just reading their words.

This book. I mean this lamp. I mean this book/lamp.

The NYT Best Books of 2016 list. Can we stay home and just read for two weeks? Please?

These cookies are almost enough to turn me into a baker (I am so not a baker). Chocolate and World Peace, in one morsel.

However, I am a drinker. Red Wine Hot Cocoa. A Christmas miracle in a cup!

I love everything about the We Keep Exploring collections.

I know one daughter and son-in-law who would love the Salami of the month club. Heh.

Kind of amazing Gingerbread Houses. Ours don’t look exactly like this.

Finally, nativity scenes for the minimalist.

See you on the flip side.



Photo by Kim Tackett. Yosemite Valley, 2015.





gathering good :: 18 november 2016

shiny rocks

Hello friends, what a week. I’m nursing a cold, drinking tea, washing rocks and pondering what’s next. Also trying to stay within the healthy, happy corner of the internet for a bit.

Reading helps. I’m starting here.

Or, reading while drinking wine. Short stories on your bottle, handy and delightful, yes?

The Compliment Project. Free awesomeness.

Grains of sand, x300. Wow (on so many levels).

The Temple of Colors...that’s pretty inspiring, if you like color, that is (and yes, I want all the colors, all the time).

Mermaid Camp, it’s a thing.

Beautiful leather book bags that are about the book.

Oh my goodness, this salad.

Toni Morrison on the artist’s task for troubled times.

Are you following ObamaBiden Memes on Instagram? It’s been the only thing that’s made me laugh all week.

In case you missed it, the time I wrote about recovering from the election and organizing my feelings.

Rest up, we have work to do. See you on the flip side.

gathering good :: 4 november 2016


The Chicago Cubs win certainly carried enough good to balance out the election coverage, but I think we might need a bonus pack to take us into the weekend, yes? Here we go:

What to call those (if we must label) who are ageless? Meet the Perennials.

Two weeks until Anthony and I meet in Seattle (except he might not know it).  He has a new cookbook.

Mary Oliver on reading as a life saving device.

Anyone who knows us, understands our family has a thing about maps (all of us). A more accurate world map changes our view (in a good way).

Internet rules from Seth. Number 9!

If you’re like me, engaging in unhealthy obsessive news watching behavior, the NY Times has a new tool to help you find something else to watch. (Something healthy is probably a walk or a book, but that might be asking too much).

David Bowie’s reading list. Are you surprised?

Chocolate Coffee Marshmallow Treats. Yup, I don’t think I can go there. Not because they wouldn’t be delicious, but because they wouldn’t last through one cycle of Rachel Maddow-Lawrence O’Donnel-Chris Matthews. See, I told you it was a problem. However, if it is close election night, stress eating is probably going to happen (also drinking).

Stunning…literature vs. traffic in Toronto. Art may save us, after all.

Have you seen the Google Arts and Culture site? It’s like a mini vacation.

This Instagram account, Hillary Street Style, makes me smile. And that’s a good thing these days.

Be Kind stickers available (free) at my side gig, This is Plan Be.

See you on the flip side, where ever we might be this time next week.