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This weekend I was invited to stay a beautiful home in Butte Creek Canyon. I can't stop thinking about the writing desk I want, in the grass here. That would be when I forget that it's not actually my house...but still, a girl can dream.

This weekend I was invited to stay here…in a beautiful home in Butte Creek Canyon. I can’t stop thinking about the outdoor writing desk I want, facing this sky. Is it a problem that it’s not actually my house? Still, a girl can dream, can’t she?


You know, I am not intending to not blog. I am just not blogging. Or actually writing (because they are two different things, with a flexible, wiggly Venn diagramish overlap when we’re lucky).  I’m not training for a marathon or anything like that (well, maybe something like that, except that it’s just the marathon of life). But I am paying attention to what’s going on around here…

Around here, we’re having a wedding…in 60 days. A wedding that doesn’t have one single piece that resembles any other wedding on the planet, past or present. I waiver from moments believing that the universe and/or Kate and Brendan’s marriage, and every guest’s happiness  depends on my ability to make lists, hammocks hanging devices, garlands out of paint chips and moss/rock/mason jar night lights to the clarifying moments when I realize my stuff is just stuff, and K+B are the real deal.

Around here, my youngest daughter, Alex, is graduating from college…that would be two weeks before the wedding. She may be moving to another state, that would be the week after the wedding. She might be doing something cool, but I don’t want to jinx it. I am proud and delighted for  her. She’s a girl who knows the value of finishing strong, and I believe she can and will. And those crazy logistics that might be required for her next step…I am doing my best (though tripping over myself sometimes) to stay out of her way so she can solve it herself.

Around here, we finally have our Little Free Library. It deserves a post all its own, but it’s all kinds of fabulous. Every day we see folks using it, and they leave notes and books and a thank you. I check it every morning and every evening, and it makes me ridiculously happy.

Around here, Steve is tending to his vegetable garden and riding his bike like crazy (just finished his eleventh Wildflower Century this weekend, and from my count that’s probably his 25th century ride, not counting his three double centuries). He’s kind of impressive. I do have to remind him though, that if it weren’t for me, there would be no toilet paper in the house. We all have our gifts.

Around here,  I am watching baseball, I am going to the gym, I am remembering that outside is better than inside. I am not quite as traumatized about the election as I was a few months ago, and I hope that doesn’t mean I am giving in or giving up. I am trying to be a better friend. I am wondering what is next for me.





  1. Wow, that all sounds wonderful! The stuff you’re doing for the wedding sounds beautiful – the universe may not depend on it but the “stuff” will certainly be part of some lovely memories. Hammocks? Fantastic!

    I hope the Little Free Library enjoys the present I sent. I went a little bonkers — you’ll see!

    I sent it by media mail so may be a few more days.

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