always short and almost true stories :: making it work in Chicago

chicago work stories

This set was inspired by our recent trip to Chicago and the people who work there.  More short short stories are here. Thanks for reading. -K


Eli’s position as an elevator operator

was certainly

the best job

at the Chicago Stock Exchange.

He knew


to expect

the ups and downs,

and controlled the red button

that made them so.



Professional pumpkin carver at

Lincoln Park Zoo

wasn’t the first item on Jonah’s checklist.

But when a truckload

of 1000 pound pumpkins showed up,

his career path seemed destined,

at least for the season.



Art school prepared him

for his latest gig,

applying faux gold leaf to

the faux fancy store window.

Contemporary realism—

creating the illusion

of authenticity

with plastic, glue and good enough hand skills.



Sylvia drives around Chicago,

dutifully delivering Uber customers

to their destinations.

She has a novel in progress and

collects stories,

one passenger at a time.

Everyone needs a bit of fiction

to get where they’re going.



Most Chicago Cubs fans

were nervously optimistic,

but the guy who spray painted his dog

to look like a goat

(with red, white and blue socks, no less)

was 100% committed

to the winning cause.


One Comment

  1. Karen

    ‘Everyone needs a bit of fiction
    to get where they’re going.’

    You got it.

    Sylvia is my favorite here (and I like them all!)

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