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clarion alley girl

Today’s 35-word stories about the challenges of being mature. I’ll let you know when I get there. More stories here. Thanks for reading, my friends. -K


Adulting is hard, I said.

I’ve never been good at it, she added.

There we stood, at 59 and 82,

amazed we made it this far,


life vests,

safety goggles,

or 24-hour supervision.



Bandaids, three just this morning.

Rivulets of blood, seeping through.

Sore, throbbing, and a little embarrassed.

This is why I can’t have nice things.

Like sharp Japanese knives, thinly sliced persimmon,

And evidently,




With children,

one must feed them,

day after day, year after year.

Luckily, we made it.

They’re grown and gone,

and I’m grateful that

frozen cookie dough

was acceptable as dinner,

once in a while.



Banking, taxes, and mortgages,

eating without spilling on myself,

changing my car’s oil,

cleaning under the refrigerator produce bin,

understanding the voting propositions,


farting silently and scent-free,

Grown up activities I will never master.



Adult things she can  do:

Make a fantastic salad,

be on time,

say I love you,

listen carefully,

hand write notes,



pee anywhere,

nap anyplace,

ideate and create,

look you in the eye.

Photo by Kim Tackett. Clarion Alley murals, San Francisco, CA.


  1. Karen

    Love these, Kim!


    ‘I’ve never been good at it, she added.
    We stood side by side, at 59 and 82

    ‘And evidently,

    There are more, but I’m pecking on the phone so am forced to be brief. Great way to start the morning.

  2. Oh what a fantastic idea and you do this so well. I’m going to add this to my weekly writing practice. Love it. I laughed out loud at the cookie dough for dinner part. I can totally relate to that.

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