• I agree with both of you…though I do think there is a place to recognize our gifts, and use them. I used to think that what I had/did was ordinary, and everyone could do what I did. It has taken me quite some time to figure out that’s not the case…and something simple to me, might be huge for someone else.
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  1. I Like your Ponder Power! My superpower is I am the second chance giver. I try not to judge at first and give a person a second chance. Often people make a bad first impression.
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  2. Hi Kim! You are so right that the world needs all of us (especially women!) to be super heros right now. I admire all the ones on your list and would add Mother Teresa and Ang San Suu Kyi as amazing women who so believed in their cause that they lived in a way most of us can’t even imagine. As for my own super power? I’d say it was my unfailing optimism which I attempt to share every single day. ~Kathy
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  3. What a fun thing to collect!

    I had never thought of “real people” having super powers until I heard someone refer to one of their talents as a super power. The idea really resonated with me.

    Here are two of my super powers:

    1. I’m easily amused
    2. I’m pretty good at cheering people up

    Not sure why I numbered that list. Makes it look more official though, eh?

    Enjoyed your post. Found you here via #Mondayblogs on Twitter. :)
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  4. I think our super powers morph over time…if that makes any sense at. I do think we need to be careful when talking about the ability to rise above. Is that a super power or is that a super “coper” or is it just getting by the best we know how? I believe my super hero name just might be the Changeling — going with the flow and embracing what comes.
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  5. I think the notion of a “super power” is a fabulous way to help girls and women tap into and Own their gifts. I may ask my granddaughters to come up with their own. For me? Maybe my way with words. I’m a good soother for people, more so with men–interestingly enough.
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    • Walker, you’re right. When I meet kids, I often ask them what their superpower is, as a way to start a conversation. Usually they have to think a bit, but they are quite pleased when they can identify one.

  6. Interesting idea~ Superpower. Hmmm So my superpowers are:

    Super-Doodler. When more than words are needed (and/or when words need to be enhanced) there are Doodles.

    Super-Encourager. Everyone, you, me, EVERYONE, can use some clapping & cheering, some “Atta-girl”/”Atta-boy”, some “I’m rooting for you” as we stumble-bumble along life’s pathways. Amazing the return ratio of a smidgeon of encouragement.

    Super-Giver of Unconditional Love. To love unconditionally, to be loved unconditionally is the greatest gift of all.

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