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Kim_PortraitAt a glance: Kim, 60, Virgo, marketing consultant, wife to Steve, mom to Kate and Alexandra  (though they’re grown and shining on their own, hundreds of miles away), northern Californian (Davis, to be specific), seeker of layered stories, lively conversations, and creative projects. And always looking for connections.

The long version: By day I work as a marketing consultant at Tackett+Barbaria, a studio I own with my husband, Steve. I’ve done this work for many, many years, and while it’s been fulfilling and meaningful, I think there’s even more out there for me to do. I’ve worked with some of the biggest companies in the country, even the world, and some of the most interesting start ups and nonprofits. I’ve always written for my clients, and now I am writing for myself.

Some days the stories make themselves, and some days require a little more untangling to make something worth reading. Every once in a while, the untangle unravels and there’s more work to do before the story can be told. But I believe in the process and the making, so here I am—listening and learning.

I am a writer, a reader, a photographer, a SF Giants fan, a ukulele learner, wine drinker, coffee lover, world globe collector, gatherer of heart-shaped rocks, happy wanderer, flea market shopper, farmer’s market visitor, recycled crafter, art appreciator, nature enthusiast, cheeseaholic, and prolific salad maker. I try to be a good daughter, mother, friend, wife and citizen of the planet. I believe that love is louder and there is good in (almost) everyone. I value being curious, creative and kind. I try to be someone you can count on. At the very least, you can always count on me to be on time.

My side gig is This Is Plan Be, where I am giving away 1000 Be Kind stickers. Come on over and get yourself a set.

I also write 35-word stories. Always short and almost true, they show up daily. A collection of them live here.

The backstory:  I started Tour of No Regrets in 2008 when I was turning 50 and had the amazing opportunity to travel to India with Freedom from Hunger. I had done other services trips, and went to internet cafes (remember those?) to send group emails home. The blog became a place for me to make a story from every day, and has always been my blog bff, and it (and some of you) waited patiently while I pursued other blogging ventures. Tour of No Regrets has been a little more about what I do, what my days look like, and the moments between the days. Over the years I have posted 1500 pieces, some of which are highly forgettable. But there are a few that I am proud of. Like these:

India with Freedom from Hunger: The Day of the Moment, The Day of Despair, A Day of Reflection
Mexico with Freedom from Hunger: En Este Momento
Today is World AIDS Day
They called her Auntie Peanut
12,755 days

For a year I had a “midlife” blog called Fifty|Fifty Vision  and these were some of my favorite pieces (they’ve since moved to this site):

At Fifty :: What I’ve Learned So Far
Just the two of us :: the selfie duet
We want a husband
Practicing flex(ability)
Choosing teams for the game of life

And there were others:

Life| Served Daily In 2010 I attempted (and finished, with some cheating) Project 365–taking a photo every day for a year. This is where I began to see my life in a new light, and began to love photography.

Coffee| Served Daily  Of course, that led to a project where I decided to collect and curate photos and stories of 1000 cups of coffee. This was the ultimate connective project, and it was a blast. It took a turn I didn’t expect and I had 100+ contributors from all over the world. It took a year and a half, but I made it!

Caffeinated by Design When I finished the coffee blog, I wasn’t quite done with my cup of coffee. I wanted to figure out Tumblr, so I started one about coffee, design, architecture, art and words. It was fun, but I still can’t tell you what a Tumblr is.

Re:design This was my 2011-12 project, a blog for our studio, Tackett+Barbaria. It was a seek and share exercise and helped me connect to some of the fantastic work being done by designers around the world. My inaugural, and perhaps favorite piece for Re:design was a five part expose on buying a $100.00 logo, called Peace o’ Pizza | My search for a cheap logo and world peace.

Thanks for visiting. I’d love to connect with you.

Email: Kim Tackett
Twitter:  @TheKimTackett