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orange ornament

Here’s my newest set of 35-word stories, brought to you by Election, 2016. I tried to be funny, but you know, it’s just too soon. Maybe later, much later (like in 2020). More short short stories are here. Thanks for reading. -K


The evening started with Nasty Woman cocktails,

popcorn, and expectation.

We watched,


as the map turned to blue,

and realized that orange would take over.

I called my daughters

to mourn and apologize.



Pride, patriotism, progress.

It was a great eight years

and caring is a tough gig to give up.


how we can turn our backs

and turn away,

on what might have been.



Resistance by punctuation.

I won’t speak, or write

his name,

and president will always be lowercase,

never our but the.

No one else will notice,

but I will know what

I did and didn’t do.



A joke would help.

Some humor about the orange one’s small hands,

flyaway hair and big boast.

Laughter heals.

Not yet, because it still hurts.

Though that scotch-taped tie photo,

that was pretty funny.



How must it feel to be an other?

Not aspiring to be

rich, powerful, strong, or great.

But wanting only to be

fed, warm, well, safe, and equal?

How do you feel today,

other America?



To my friends, the others.

You are loved, you are welcome, you belong.

We will watch and work, and wait.

We will change,


backward and forward,

and we will hope for the best,






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